Break Free of fear, erase limiting beliefs and create the life God intended



This is a space for finding your true self your authentic voice, and to connect with your community.

We all need someone to support us at times. Someone we can trust to be to be our mirror: with love, with intention, with grounded guidance. 

We all want to know our purpose, our THING! How do I get connected into a life with greater intentions? I want to make an impact, but how? I am here to guide you towards your stunning potential. 

We all need boundaries, but sometimes have no idea how to set one or don't realize where they are missing. Receptive, creative, feeling spirits shine the brightest with healthy structure. I am here to teach you how to fall in love with ritual and sacred routines to manifest all you can possibly imagine. 

Are you ready to grow? 

Let's Get Connected!

One-to-One Sessions

In Session


Through discussion based sessions, I will share techniques and processes to transform your current perspective, when feeling stuck, needing direction, structure, and clarity. I am here to support you as a creative, problem-solving strategist and motivator. 

My office is located in Ballwin, Missouri. Hours are by appointment. If you are outside the St. Louis metro-area, I am available for appointments via web or by phone.