Beyond Motivational Speaking

Want to help your audience make rapid, lasting changes in their businesses, relationships, and lives? Tired of having them watch a presentation, feel incredible for a month, then go right back to how they used to be? Then it's time for a completely different kind of event. 

I don't speak to motivate and even inspire - although both do happen - I speak to transform my audience. My presentations are interactive, full of stories from my own life that grip and inspire people, but also packed with mind-rewiring processes people can use that very day to start changing their lives. Your audience will learn proven techniques that, when used correctly, will help them make rapid, lasting, and significant change in any area of their lives. 

This is what I call REALITY HACKING - the ability to change your reality at will so you can experience even greater happiness, abundance, and success. These processes have been tested over my 8+ years experience using them with thousands of people as they transformed their lives. Speaking is my way of helping even more people, as I feel like it's my responsibility to help as many people as possible. When I'm not speaking, I'm mentoring and coaching people to transform their relationships, businesses, and lives. It is my goal to help spread not only the message, but my method of personal empowerment to everyone I meet. After all, results are what matter most. The transformations and success achieved by my audiences and clients speak louder than any of my words ever could. 

About Us


Unlocking The Greatness Within

Each of us was born with the ability to create an amazing life full of love, success, wealth, and abundance of all forms. But knowing it is different than doing it. Discover the techniques and tools to tap into your inner greatness, overcome obstacles you've been struggling with for years, and create the life you've always wanted. The specific areas of focus change depending on the goals, preferences and needs of the audience, but here are some popular ones: 

  • How to Increase Sales, Without That Icky Salesy Feeling
  • Mastering Effective Communication
  • Rewiring Your Mind For Natural Health and Wellness
  • Going From Slump to Success 
  • Creating Beautiful Relationships
  • And Many More! 


Finding Freedom

In a time where more people feel stuck, frustrated, and out of ideas, it's more important than ever to feel free. Discover how to rewire your mind to feel free of stress, anxiety, navigate thinking, emotional baggage, and bad relationships. Then replace them with genuine happiness, love, abundance, and true freedom. Here are some popular topics of focus for this presentation: 

  • Dropping Emotional Baggage
  • Going From Stressed Out To Cool, Calm & In Control
  • Replacing Insecurities And Doubts With Unshakable Confidence
  • Shifting From Negitivity To Genuine, Lasting Happiness & Positivity
  • Healing After Trying Times (Even Trauma!)
  • Clearing Abundance Blocks
  • And Many More! 

Didn't see the topic you're looking for on the list? Just tell me what you're looking for and i'll build a custom presentation to meet your audience's goals, preferences, and needs!

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