"I Speak Life: A Complete Guide to Maximizing Your Life in Christ" - Book


 Deep inside of you lie all the answers to the questions you might have concerning yourself. This book is an easy to read practical guide filled with pertinent information that will help you reach a higher level of success. Inspirational stories, quotes, and self-discovery exercises will empower you to look within to claim a life filled with meaning, purpose, power, and peace as God intended. 

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When terrorist hijacked planes and flew them into the World Trade Center killing almost three thousands people, we all asked, "Why is the world so messed up?" Since the Bible is just one of many religious books, "why should we trust it?" With all the faiths and religions in the world, "Why do Christians claim that Jesus is the only way to God?"

All of these are important questions and they deseve honest answers. This 40-day devotional answers life's biggest questions about faith, God and the Bible in a very real and practical way. Whether you're a deeply committed follow of Christ or someone just beginning a spiritual journey, this book will help you find answers to the questions you're asking or being asked by others.